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Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Where do you provide WiFi services?
    ARS can provide WiFi services anywhere in the western United States.

  • I am a customer of yours. Can I use more than one computer on my ARS WiFi account?
    Normally, no. ARS Wireless services are purchased and provided on a per-device basis. Our systems manage your connection based on the ID of the wireless device you connect to our system with. The only exception is if you use a removable wireless network adapter card or USB device. In that case, you can simply move it to another computer and use your existing account.

  • My RV park had another WiFi provider here for a while, but we got nothing but complaints about poor signal distribution. The provider got frustrated and left. How can you help?
    Every RV park, marina or event site is different. ARS spends a lot of time mapping sites for WiFi service, and we've become pretty darned good at engineering WiFi network layouts and signal distribution Call us at 619-491-2900 and we'll chat with you about your particular site. No charge!

  • My RV park provides free Wifi now, but customers are not happy with it, since we only have it in or or two places in the park. What do you suggest?
    We believe in free WiFi as a basic service for all RV'ers. Keep the free WiFi service in your park now as a basic service available at a central location such as a clubhouse. Augment with a paid service that can be available to users in their RV's. This allows you to provide WiFi to all, but the only users who pay for it are those who want the enhanced service available from their rigs. This way you don't offload the cost of building out a quality WiFi network on all visitors. Better yet, call ARS and chat with us about a no-cost installation of user-paid, robust, reliable WiFi at your facility.

  • We want to provide free WiFi. Can you do that for us?
    Absolutely. Instead of end-users paying for the service, your facility pays for it. Costs depend upon the number of users you expect to have, and the requirements for building out and managing your network.

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