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WiFi, Voice Messaging and Fax Services Techical Support:
Call 619-491-2900.
Support staff are available seven days a week from 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM.

Billing Support (All Services):
Call 619-491-2999.
Billing staff are available Monday thru Friday, from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM.


ARS provides robust technical support via phone and email.  Prior to contacting us regarding your support request, please check out our FAQ's below, as they may answer your questions now.
  • How do I know which ARS access point to connect to at the rv park or marina where I am staying?
    In most cases, you want to connect to the ARS signal that your computer sees as the strongest. However, keep in mind that the signal strength your computer shows is a reflection of the strength of the signal RECEIVED by your computer, not the integrity of the connection between your computer and the ARS access point. If you don't get good service using the access point with the strongest signal, check the brochure provided by the property. We specify which access points to use, based on your location within the park or marina.

  • How does the ARS system recognize me as a user? I didn't have to set up a username and password.
    In most ARS sites, we use mac-address authentication. That just means that our systems "remember" the identity of the wireless device you used when setting up your account with us. We use this method specifically because it does not require users to have a username and password. Also, it allows our customers to have an "always-on" connection. Just boot up the computer and connect to the access point.

  • How can I use a different computer on my account?
    Internet access is purchased on a computer-by-computer basis. If you want to add other computers to your account, just sign up with them as you did with the one on your existing account. ALTERNATIVELY, if you use a removeable wireless network adapter, you can just switch it to any other computer and your account is useable on that machine. However, if you need to switch computers, (say, because your laptop died), just call us at 619-491-2900 and we'll switch your service over to the other machine. There is no charge for the first switch. Any subsequent changes are charged a nominal fee.

  • I am at one of your sites, but my computer does not see ANY WiFi signals.
    Most likely, the wireless radio in your computer has been turned off. Some laptop manufacturers put external power switches for the WiFi radio on the computer, near the keyboard or front bezel. (HP does this). This allows users to turn off the WiFi radio if it is not needed and the computer is being used on battery power. (Wireless radios use electricity, even when you are not connected to an access point). Unfortunately, it is easy to inadvertently turn OFF the wireless radio and not know you've done it. Also, Dell uses the Function keys to turn on and off the internal wireless radio. If your computer shows NO wireless signals at all, it is likely you have accidentally turned off the wireless radio in your laptop. Check your computer's documentation for instructions on how to turn it back on.

  • Windows shows that the signal I am connected to is fluctuating. Why is that?
    Keep in mind that the Windows application that shows signal strength can be both unreliable and inaccurate. You can use other software, such as NetStumbler, to get a truly accurate representation of the signals around your rig or boat. If there are obstructions between your computer and the access point you want to connect to, try moving your computer. If you are using an external wireless network adapter, see if you can put it in the window of your rig, facing the ARS access point you are connected to. The general rule is to minimize the obstructions between your computer and the access point.

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